The Top 6 Myths About Planned Parenthood

With the recent SGK defunding then refunding (sort of) Planned Parenthood debacle, I’ve had the oh-so joyous experience of seeing the regular Planned Parenthood myths circulating again. It’s debunking time!

Myth #1: 90% of Planned Parenthood’s Services Are Abortions
I’ve seen this one come in a few different percentages, none close to the real amount. Right on their website it states that only 3% of PP’s services are abortions, with the rest being divided up into STD testing and care, cancer screenings, etc. Full details here.

Myth #2: Planned Parenthood’s Abortions Cause Breast Cancer
This myth stems from the myth that abortions cause breast cancer. There is no evidence to support this theory and really, it’s disgusting that the anti-choice movement would create such a horrendous lie about a very real disease. Proof here.

Myth #3: Planned Parenthood Only Wants You To Have An Abortion
Many people seem to believe that lurking inside the walls of PP clinics are evil witches who draw in pregnant women and then feast on their unborn. This is not true, to say the least. In fact, PP has every woman seeking/considering an abortion go through a very lengthy interview to ensure that this is what they truly want. They provide access to adoption and pre-natal care services, and if they believe you are being pressured to have an abortion, they won’t perform it.

Myth #4: Your Tax Dollars Go Toward Abortions
No. This takes two seconds to disprove. See the Hyde Amendment.

Myth #5: Defunding/Eliminating Planned Parenthood Will Stop Abortions
Some people have this strange belief that if someone does not have access to a safe abortion, they simply won’t have one. Yes, that may be true for some, but hardly all. Before Roe vs Wade (and after!), hundreds of women died or were critically injured from self or back alley abortions. Coat hangers, baseball bats, rat poison, and more were all used by women in an attempt to induce an abortion. Most of the time, this led to unstoppable bleeding and death. History has proven that the absence of safe abortions just means more dead women (along with whatever was in their body).

Myth #6: No One Uses Planned Parenthood But Sluts & Whores
1 in 5 women will go to Planned Parenthood at some point in their life, and over 3 million patients visit PP each year. The main reasons people go to PP? Because they’re underage, living on low income, they don’t feel comfortable with their family doctor, and/or accessibility. Yes, even 60 year old Catholic women with 3 children who are not sexually active need pap smears and cancer screenings, surprise!

Regardless of your stance on abortion, it’s undeniable that Planned Parenthood provides needed services to thousands. Making up lies in order to deter people from safe, affordable health care only shows the true colours of the extremes in the “pro-life” movement.