Arizona’s Scary New Law For Pregnant Women

Pregnant & Clueless - Just how Arizona wants you, ladies!

I’ve been holding off writing this in the hopes that it would not pass, but alas…

Arizona – what, what, WHAT are you doing?!

The AZ Senate has approved a piece of legislation that will block doctors from being hit with malpractice lawsuits if they fail to disclose a child’s disease during prenatal genetic testing.

Yes, I said disclose, not discover.

Because now it’s apparently okay to ignore the Hippocratic oath and not tell pregnant women about their own children’s diseases in case they decide to get an abortion.

The GOP is so worried about abortions, they would rather see women die, children die, and lives put into ruin than let people make their choices about their bodies.

Bringing a child into the world who has a severely debilitating disease can be devastating to an unprepared mother and family. The emotion, energy, worry, and cost put into just the post-birth care for a child who needs immediate and constant medical attention can turn what would be a joyous occasion into one of chaos and heartbreak.

And all for what? So a doctor can sit back proudly and say, “well because of me she didn’t have an abortion!”

Listen up, AZ Senate, it’s not up to you to worry about what she may or may not do with a fetus. It is in her legal right to abort – and it is her right to keep the child. To withhold such information from anyone is selfish, terrifying, and above all careless.

So fellow Arizonans, please contact your House representative & Governor Jan Brewer and let them know the “Wrongful Birth” bill is doing more harm than good – and helping no one.


2 thoughts on “Arizona’s Scary New Law For Pregnant Women

  1. Yeah, so this, plus the employer can fire you for birth control bill, makes me SUPER reluctant to return to the Copper State.

  2. This piece of legislation is a piece of crap. No doctor has the right to withhold information of any kind from a patient. Any doctor who does this should have his license revoked. No woman will trust her doctor now. What a fiasco this is.

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