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For those not in the know, a Tag is something bloggers/Youtubers take part in as a theme topic. The topic is created (Example: 10 weird things about me) and then after one blogger answers the questions, they “tag” others to do the same.

I decided to do the Born This Way Tag (No one tagged me. Pretend someone did.) based off that one episode of Glee where they all sing about their differences, or something.

Anyway, take a negative stereotype that you’ve been subjected to in the past, explain it, and then make it into a positive. This blog is a good example (or you could just read on here).

I’ve been called Standoffish

In a positive light, I just don’t have much to say.

I don’t like talking just to talk and unless we’re drunk at a bar and you’re my 3 best girlfriends, I’m not going to yammer on. This stereotype mostly comes from coworkers – which is funny as I often call these same stereotypers time wasters. Just because I don’t want you in my office in 20 minutes telling me about your trip to Ohio doesn’t mean I don’t like you – I’d just rather get back to work.

I’ve been called Not Assertive Enough

In a positive light, I pick and choose my battles and don’t sweat the small things.

Working in a corporate environment, especially start-ups (as I tend to favour) means a lot of competitive, entrepreneurial minds making very big decisions together…which leads to a lot of head butting. After hundreds of meetings of debating and arguing the best course of action for a company, I’ve learned that at the end of the day, you can’t win them all, and you should focus on the big things. Being assertive in every argument, disagreement, or debate means a lot of high tension and stress, and I’d rather save that for the big things – not for nitpicking design changes on a website.

I’ve been called a lazy college dropout

In a positive light, I am an opportunist.

I have never been good at school. I went to a junior college for two or so years part time, and even though I tried a lot of different things, nothing fit. At the same time I was paying money for teachers to tell me about history, I was making more doing advertising and marketing for companies. When I decided to drop out, it was no easy decision, but it wasn’t out of laziness. It was out of seeing the bigger opportunities that were available to me now. Since I’ve left the big C, there have been up and downs, but I’ve been working my hardest through all of it. Taking a break from college or leaving entirely doesn’t always mean you’re LAZY, but sometimes you’re meant to do something else.

I have been called a Giant Bitch

In a positive light, We’re all kind of jerks sometimes, including me.

I found a lot of these tags to be super-duper self glorifying, and I find a dose of modesty to be healthy. Sometimes stereotypes are made about a person for a reason, and instead of finding the bright side of it, we sometimes should look inward at our actions and how they look to others. Yes, I have definitely been a giant bitch before – you probably have too. Embrace it and learn from it (and find the bright side from other things).

I’m tagging: Anyone who comments and wants to tell me their Born This Way stereotype flip.

One thought on “Born This Way Tag

  1. I love this post, and your blog. I also noticed you live in AZ – me too!

    I’ve also been called standoffish, not assertive enough, too independent, flighty, etc. and I recently had a good friend talk to me about it and really point out how there is a positive side to each of these seemingly negative attributes.

    So my flip will be “too independent”. Most people interpret my behaviors be selfishly motivated; however, I think that by doing what I’m go at and what I enjoy, I’ll be happier and have more to offer more to the people in my life and the world. By working on my own projects, I’m bringing to the table things that would not otherwise be possible.

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