Eating Lunch in the Library

During my senior year of high school, I ate my lunch in the library.

“But Tegan, I thought you were the most prettiest and most popular girl in school!”

Oh, I’m flattered! But no. I was a weird little troll in high school who was part of video game club.

The point is, by the time I was 17/18, I simply had learned that eating lunch in the library was awesome.

The years before, eating with actual people in the sunshine, was nice and all, but when it comes down to it you really can’t beat lunch in the library.

I’d come in with my bottle of water, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and plastic baggie of wheat thin crackers, and settle into a corner. Sometimes alone, sometimes with a friend, sometimes with my little Freshman brother. I’d have a delicious half hour to do homework or read a book or draw or sleep or whatever I pleased. One solid half hour to myself that wasn’t spent gossiping, or taking notes, or working the cash register at Target.

I learned some very important things during those lunch times:

  • When there is no one around to listen to you, you can listen to yourself. Instead of gossiping or talking about class or complaining, I let myself stroll through the aisles of the books and have conversations with myself (in my head, usually). I let myself realize what kind of literature, and from that ideals and topics, I truly love.
  • You meet the most interesting people when you’re alone. Without the distraction of another person, it’s much easier to notice the traits of others. Alone people talk to other alone people.
  • The social constructs of high school can truly be damaging. Not to say it always is, but really, we all have been or we know the people who start drama, or are involved in it frequently in high school. By removing myself from the time and place it mostly manifests, I managed to make my senior year relatively drama free.
  • Time alone is inspiration and motivation. Its easy to skip an assignment or procrastinate on a project when you’re surrounded by people and distractions. Being alone in a library with a sandwich really is a no-excuses allowed motivator.

Just wanted to share that with you all. Where did you eat lunch in high school?

6 thoughts on “Eating Lunch in the Library

  1. I normally try to keep my high school experiences in that past, because well, frankly, most of it weren’t that great… But even when I ate lunch in the midst of 20-30 people in my “clique”– some of those times are the times where I’ve felt the most alone.

    Because I have always been afraid to be alone, I choose to surround myself around people. Even through my first couple years of college, I put myself around people, even people I didn’t like… until I realized sometimes being alone isn’t so bad… Getting a table for one isn’t so bad.. Sitting alone, sipping tea and blogging at The Coffee Bean isn’t so bad…

  2. I WISH I could have eaten my lunch in the library, but my high school was oddly mistrusting and wanted us all in one place where they could keep a watch on us all. One of the things I loved most about college was the opportunity to make my own schedule- and I spent TONS of time in the library alone :-p I think becoming a military wife at a really young age intensified an already intrinsic need for alone time, I go crazy if I don’t get a break from the rest of of the world on a regular basis.

  3. Hi! I found your blog from looking at old comments on my blog (I’m having a weird day) and I really, really like your blog. I spent this weekend with a friend roadtripping to Charleston and after four days of constant contact, being all alone today was pure bliss. I think people are so hesitant to embrace what solitude because of how they appear to other people. We don’t think of being alone as a choice, but it is! I have the best encounters with strangers, think about things to write about, and just generally get refreshed when I spend a few hours or days alone.

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