You Can’t Have Sex AND Be Smart, Ladies!

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I saw this image today on Pinterest and it made me genuinely mad, for 4 reasons:

1. The idea that sex & intelligence cannot coexist

Do rocket scientists never have sex? Do people drop out of high school to have more time for blow jobs? No, because those notions are ridiculous. Sex and reading can coexist (or be absent) in anyone’s life. It’s not like when the evening hits, I have to decide between catching up on some reading and gettin’ dirty in the sheets.

2. The idea that sex and intelligence are dependent on each other

How/if someone has sex and their perceived intelligence have no guaranteed correlation. If you read books, there is no scientific evidence that you are not having sex. If you are crackin’ an egg of knowledge all over someone, there’s no reason it can’t be done mid blowjob.

3. The fact that this is aimed exclusively at women.

Combining the fact that the picture is of a woman, and the reference to opening legs + blowing men (and the tendency for these sort of stupid images to be hetero-normative) leads me to believe that this is a classic case of slut shaming. Because you know we women can only either be smart and sexless, or full of dicks and watching bad reality TV!

4. The idea that reading and intelligence are better than having sex.

Even if a person were to prefer having sex over reading a book, who cares? It doesn’t make that person any less intelligent/respectable/awesome. If you are just so damn wrapped up in their choices it’s probably you who needs to reevaluate your life, not them.


Anyway, that’s my rage for the day. Thanks for reading after my long absence. Please share any images/quotes that make your blood boil!


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2 thoughts on “You Can’t Have Sex AND Be Smart, Ladies!

  1. I always see this posted by women who want to NOT feel like a slut and by guys who want to come off as sensitive. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we just stopped judging each other based on sexuality? Think of all of the things that could be accomplished if people stopped wasting time on slut shaming.

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