What I Can Do With Birth Control Coverage

Barack Obama is asking women what it would mean to them if they didn’t have to cover the basic health care of birth control. Here was my answer:

This policy will impact my life because I’ll know that every month, I’ll be able to be safe.

I’ll be able to control my painful cramps enough to go to my job every day.

I’ll be able to know that if I choose to be intimate, I’ll be responsible about it.

I’ll know that every month, I’ll have that extra $50 to spend on food, necessities, and my asthma medication.

I’ll be able to know that even if I have to take a lower paying job some day, I won’t have to choose between birth control and dinner.

I’ll be able to control when or if I have children, and how many.

I’ll be able to work in a career and know there’s minimal chance of me getting pregnant and having to cost the company money with maternity leave.

These benefits are numerous and I know I am not alone in them.

This benefits everyone – women, men, children, companies, families. Everyone is effected by birth control access in some way – being able to control not only your own health, but your own family planning is what allows 50% of the population to move forward and, in that, progress America.

To put yet another hurdle to birth control in the way of women is to say, “I do not want America to move forward. I do not want our workforce strong, our population under control, or our people happy.”